Workshop: Dr. Marta Kaźmierczak (Workshop)

05.10.2017 18:15 bis 19:45

Polish poetry: civic duties and artistic autonomy

The seminar will focus on two contrasting poems by Zbigniew Herbert and Jerzy Harasymowicz,
which will be discussed on basis of German translations. The starting point will be the strong
political subtext i.e. the quality for which the 20th-cent. Polish poetry has a reputation in the West, but
this stereotype will be challenged by presenting another work, one stressing the autonomy of arts.
While Herbert’s poem will be a springboard for talking about the historical context and for an
intertextual reading, Harasymowicz’s text gives an opportunity to explore a surprising but very
consistent use of imagery and linguistic devices. The latter part of the seminar will also engage the
Polish-learning segment of the audience in a translation task.


Wo: Slavisches Seminar, Seminarraum 13

Wann: Do., 5.10., 18:15 - 19:45